About us

Aviation is our passion!

How many haven't dream of becoming a pilot?

How many haven't mentally stepped into the shoes of a fighter pilot and tame these wonderful flying machines?

2K Aviation Creations presents a new line of replica sticks of fighter jets, modern and old aviation legends. Exact copies of the real ones,  with unique detail.

A special collection for your home and office, but also an original idea for a special gift to your loved ones.

Here at 2K Aviaion Creations we have huge desire to help flight simulator amateurs ,home cockpit builders and ultralight plane builders . People just like us - enthusiast passionate about virtual or no virtual flights.

We showcase and offer DIY cockpit hardware components and accessories, as well as assembled aircraft panels and flight control peripherals.

Our goal is to provide anyone sharing our passion with affordable reliable and easy to use hardware, We have hundreds of ideas, permanently grow and are ready to bring you great new products that, hopefully, can suite any flight simmer or ultralight builder needs.

We're always open and willing to help and discuss any need you might have.

Custom work is giant part of our activity.

One of our goals is to work together to have more realistic flight simulation experience and make our common dreams come true.

Konstantinos Kefalas